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Eliminating Your Fears About Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing eyeglasses is a less-than-desirable vision solution for many people. Glasses get dirty and water spotted. They fog up easily and sometimes fall off while in the middle of performing a task. Depending on your line of work this can be more than an inconvenience, but a safety issue as well.

Contacts may offer a better and more aesthetically pleasing way to correct your vision, but often patients have a phobia about wearing them. Here are a few ways you can trick your eyes (and brain!) into getting used to them.

Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Wearing Contacts
1. Talk to your optometrist in Surrey. Your optometrist is a specialized professional who can address your fears and doubts about contact lenses. Make a list of your fears and bring it with you to discuss at your appointment. Your optometrist likely has solutions that will alleviate your concerns.

2. Practice a dry run
. If your main concern is something touching your eye, practice without a contact lens. Using clean fingers, touch your upper and lower eyelids. Then your eyelashes, then the whites of your eyes. After a few days of this, you should be able to tap the whites of your eyes gently

3. Mimic the motions. Try placing your index finger on your upper eyelid and your thumb on the lower eyelid to hold your eye open. Using your other hand, imitate putting a lens on your eye so that the motions become familiar until you no longer blink as your finger approaches.

4. Avert your eyes. Looking into a mirror, get as close as you can and focus on your reflection. When you’re ready to insert the lens, look up, and insert from below. Look down to position the lens over your pupil or blink a few times and the lens will slide into position.

5. It won’t slip behind your eyeball.
A common concern is that the lens will somehow slip behind the eyeball, but that is not physically possible. Our eyelids are connected to the back of our eyes, and there is no room for anything to slip behind them.

6. Try a new variety. If your initial lenses are uncomfortable, talk to your Surrey optometrist about your options. Try switching to soft contact lenses or silicone hydrogel contact lenses. These types have high oxygen transmissibility, making them more comfortable to wear.

Getting Contact Lenses in Surrey
Be persistent, stay calm and keep practicing. Once you have had some success, the process will become easier.

If you’re looking for a Surrey optometrist who provides personalized service and advice, contact the Newton Optometry Clinic today.

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