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Contact Lenses

Over the last century, we have certainly seen the evolution of eyeglass frames and their constant development as a fashion accessory that just happens to be very functional, as well. There is no question that, today, glasses are more commonly worn by individuals who want to make a statement about their style than ever before. We are even seeing some people wearing glasses with non-prescription lenses just to take advantage of the rising trend.

But in spite of the popularity of eyeglasses, many people still prefer or consider contact lenses in Surrey equally favourable. Contact lenses can offer sharper vision because the lenses sit right on your eyes, and provide less hassle when it comes to your daily activities. Despite their improved reputation, some eyeglass wearers may feel that frames continue to get in their way. They also hinder the ability for them to show off their face without any obstruction.

When someone who wears prescription eyeglasses wants to change the way they appear from day to day, contact lenses are an excellent choice. It can be much more affordable and functional, in fact, to wear contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses than to have two or more different frames. Contact lenses in Surrey are relatively inexpensive today and offer a great solution to vary your look and style. Even better: contact lenses require less matching with your face shape, hair, clothes and individual style than eyeglasses.

Many contact lens brands also offer daily, weekly and monthly disposable options, which make them even more convenient for wearers. Plus, they are easier and faster to clean, and require less maintenance over the course of the day and over time. They also simply take up less space – on your face and in your bathroom.

Contact lenses in Surrey afford greater flexibility to those who wear them, particularly for individuals who are active and regularly participate in various sports or other forms of exercise. Where eyeglasses can be obstructive or fall off, contact lenses are simpler because they do not protrude from your face. They are particularly helpful when it comes to swimming, but even when it comes to mundane activities like taking a shower.

With so many advancements in the world of contacts, too, almost anyone can comfortably wear them, regardless of whether they have an astigmatism, myopia, or other issues. Even better, contact lens wearers do not have to worry about any compromised peripheral vision, potential smudges or scratches disrupting their view, or potentially breaking the lenses or frames of their eyeglasses while trying to enjoy various activities.

Newton Optometry Clinic offers specific contact lens exams and helpful fittings to our patients as an alternative to wearing prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses every day. With the advancements in eyewear over the last decade or more, contact lenses in Surrey offer more benefits than ever. Our opticians can discuss with you our wide selection to help you find the best fit. We offer many options to suit your unique eyes, needs and preferences.

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